Danser höstterminen 2008


Välkommen till Line Up 4 Dance

OBS!! Reservation för ändringar i dans schemat!Alla stegscheman finns även på klubben
OBS! Alla stegscheman finns inte länkade.





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Nivå 4
36 Ease Up, Sht Happens Repetition Country Girl Saddle Up Shawty
37 Ghost train Dirty Cha Crazy Foot Mambo Repetition
38 Sky Loves Blue Waltz Away Repetition, Respect Catch The Rain
39 Repetition Repetition Good to be us Lady
40 Working 4 A Living Hotel Happiness Dark Secrets Repetition
41 Happy Radio Shiftwork Repetition Blood Money
42 Repetition Repetition Walk with me Irish Spirit
43 Peaches and Creams Do you love me? Good Time Repetition
44 Icebreaker Holler Back Repetition Jitterbug Stroll
45 Repetition Repetition Irish Stew Spotlight Mad Cowboy
46 Waltz Away Stich It Up All Summer long Repetition
47 Tush Push Pretend Repetition No one's gonna stop me
48 Live Laugh Love Before the devil Divisadero Cha Viva La Vida
49 Repetition Repetition  Repetition  Repetition
50 Repetition Repetition Repetition Repetition