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Cowboy Boogie
Repetition Make it up Blue Note Walkin Wazi Pot of gold,
When I Leave
37 Ghost train Loverboy Blue Note Repetition Caught in the act Pon De Replay
38 Ease Up PicNic Polka Loverboy,Baby Cha Baby Cha Rubitin Time to get up
39 Babe Irish Stew Repetition Repetition Repetition LOL, Unchained
40 The Lilt Make it up Leaving of Liverpool Leaving of Liverpool Crazy Bread on the table
41 Country Walking Closer Island in the stream Repetition Slippery Sweet Addiction
42 Ice breaker Pretend I don't feel like dancing I don't feel like dancing Lovebug 20 Kisses,
Hillbillies in the Hay
43 Body & Soul Rockin Closer Repetition Everybody's Someone The Reel Thing
44 Eatin' Right and Drinkin' Bad Kill the spiders Got you too A Sight 2 See All jacked up Swing your chains
45 Live, Laugh, Love It's A Country Thing Simply Cha Cha, Rockin Chill Factor I Play Chicken With A Train Geek in the pink
46 Bounce Repetition Romance Repetition Repetition Enamorame, The World
47 Repetition Mustang Sally Repetition Rama Lama Ding Dong Step by Step Heartbreaker
48 Tush Push Love 2 Cha Cha Buy me a drink Repetition Before the Devil Sweet little Dangerous
49 Black Coffee Repetition Before the Devil Whole Again Knockdown Splish Splash,
Gordita Linda
50 Repetition Blue Note Repetition Repetition Doctor Doctor With these eyes

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