Side, Rock and Prep, Full Turn, Rock, Recover, Behind and Step

1,2& Step right to right side, rock left behind right, recover weight on right

3,4 Step 1/4 left to left side (prep), turn 3/4 turn over left shoulder stepping on right foot

5,6 rock on left foot, recover onto right

7&8 Step left behind right, step right to right side, step left forward

Mambo Step, Mambo Step, Walk, Walk, Sway, Sway

1&2 Step right forward, step left together, step right foot back

3&4 Step left foot back, step right foot together, step left foot forward

5,6 Walk forward right, left

7,8 Sway hips right stepping on right, sway hips left stepping on left

Sailor step, Rock, Recover, Coaster step, Step Turn

1&2 Step right behind left making a turn over right shoulder, step left in place, step right next to left

3,4 Rock forward on left, recover on right

5&6 step left back, step right next to left, step left forward

7,8 Step forward on right, pivot turn over left shoulder stepping on left

Side Rock and Cross, Side Rock and Cross, Side Shuffle, Cross Unwind

1&2 Rock right to right side, recover left, cross right over left

3&4 Rock left to left side, recover right, cross left over right

5&6 Side shuffle to the right, right, left, right

7,8 Cross left in front of right, unwind turn to face back wall (weight on left)

Behind and Forward, Skate, Skate, Prep, Full Turn, Shuffle

1&2 Cross right behind left, step left to left side, step right forward

3,4 Skate left foot forward, skate right foot forward

5,6 Step left foot forward (prep), step right foot making full turn over left shoulder (Style points: Hook left leg in front of right as you turn, dip down and roll knee out while still hitched)

7&8 Step left foot forward, step right foot together, step left foot forward

End Of Dance