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Danser VT 2008


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Blast from the past

6 Ease Up, Take It Easy Repetition Tequila Repetition Repetition
7 How Long Don't Cry On My Shoulder This little light Rebel Amor Na Mara
8 Repetition Save a horse ride a cowboy Repetition CT Girl Jukebox
9 A Little Bit Of Boogie Repetition A little bit closer Repetition Repetition
10 Pop Da Booty Zjozzys Funk Zig Zag Creepin up S.X.E
11 Repetition Coastin Repetition Saturn 5 Marianna Mambo
12 Live Laugh Love (Mån) Repetition Signed Sealed Delivered Repetition Repetition
13 Live Laugh Love (Sön) Pretend Rebel Amor Mercy, Kings & Vagabonds All day long
14 Don't Cry On My Shoulder Before the Devil Repetition High time Repetition
15 Repetition, Ghost train Repetition Laid Back Repetition Sexy stir fry
16 Coastin Got you too Dance like you're the
only one
Hey big spender Guapacha
17 Sugarbabe Kill the spiders Repetition LA Funk Repetition
19 Black Coffee Stich it up Funkafield blues Freaky Skills Swing Sweet Pussy Cat



I Linedance gör man inga fel - bara variationer!




I Linedance gör man inga fel - bara variationer!